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These pages contain samples of my illustrations and portraits. First I give you a short version of my background.

I was making a career in advertising in Finland and moved then as an immigrant to New York to study advertising in NYU. I however soon moved to an art school (School of Visual Arts, NY) After 2 years working as a commercial artist in NY i moved back to Helsinki and started a freelance career as an illustrator: FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS. BOOK COVERS, MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATIONS, SPORTS – everything with PEOPLE in it.

  These days I’m mostly into PORTRAITS. My own special idea is MULTI-IMAGE PORTRAITS. I believe, my career was all the time moving towards this direction. I still do ILLUSTRATIONS too. Thay make for an interesting change.

Click the menu links at the top of the page to view the galleries. To view the multi-image portraits you need an user key and password. To get  these you need to call me on +358 40 5947422.

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